Monday, March 29, 2010

RUN 10 Trail Revisited

Saturday,27 March : We have headed to Zone B (RUN 10) track. Seven rider took part for today's ride and they are : Zaki , Veyrone, Pak Non, Madi Boo Rider, Sham Custom Dept., Jan from Gedung MTB. We started from M&M Restaurant towards the Laka Selatan fly over. It was indeed a fast ride (except me!) and we finished the half loop for of Zone B at about 10.00am. Thinking of doing full loop next time. Or maybe organise a Hash ...........
Jan and Sham rode all the way from Kangar via Kuala Perlis - Changloon high way.

Bang Mat joined us before we hit the road, he's not joining by the the way.
(p.s : look at the fork ..... its rigid)

Sham fell and the most unexpected spot ..... laughter were shared together!

Madi a.k.a Boo Rider , he broght along his Spesh. Bro, couldn't wait to see your Super Bow WC in off road action

Discussing global matters !?!??............

and then I came to the picture ........

Me and Pak Non Kona.

Take five after long climb .

The View from the top.

Hahah! Me again, thanks Zaki .......


All of us with white coloured Fox fork ...... thats why Madi took the picture hehehehh ...... he uses Manitou!

Notice the latest thing from my bike? Interframe .....

From the ride a week Before

Sham and Ee Bintong

Ride Safely And Intelligently!

Friday, March 19, 2010

RUN 10 - An Event to Remember

Assalamualaikum, and Salam Satu Malaysia. RUN 10 has passed by and the excitement is still in the air. First of all thanks to all riders from all over Malaysia and not to be forgotten from overseas for joining this event. Without your participation this will surely not turned up as it was. A salute to the volunteers of RUN 1o like UiTM Sport Science Student, Amateur Radio Club ( you have done a great job!) , JKR, Sponsors, 4X4 Team, Moto X Team and My Fellow Core Group of RUN 10.

It is A Privilege Working With All Of You!