Tuesday, May 26, 2009

NXTeam Iron Steed

For this posting, NXTeam would like highlight one of NXTeam's Iron Steed. It's a Merida Matts HFS 2000 (2008 Model). Hope that you'll enjoy the pics.
Fork : Fox F80 RL (08)
Stopping Power: Hayes Stroker with 180mm Rotor (F&R)
Shifter " Shimano XTR Rapid Fire

FSA K Force Carbon Crankset

Thomson Elite (31.6 mm )

Fizi:k Tundra XC Saddle

FSA K Force Straight Handlebar

Control Tech Stem

The Carbon Crankset

Shimano XTR Shadow Rear Deraill

Matts HFS 2000

Pride and Joy In Riding ........

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Upgradititis : I've Been Infected

Assalamualaikum, to all mountainbikers and bloggers and visitors, I hope you are not stunned by the post title. To tell you the truth I have nothing to post but yet still want to make sure the blog is active, so this is the result ...... a "syok sendiri" posting. Just want to share with everybody what are the upgrades done to my "gergasi" lately. Please bear in mind that this is NOT a showing off competition. I repeat NOT a showing Off post. If anybody feel that I'm doing so, I would be the first to apologise.
Anyway, the syndrome "Upgradititis" will definitely be the nightmare for any MTBikers, and the most important ... your wallet. I have done few small upgrades just for my satisfactory and thats it. Enough said, lets scroll down the post.

Side view of Gergasi.

Front view

Latest Fork : FOX F100 RL
(Remote Lock)

Hope Floating Saw 160mm Rotor.

Token - Rocket. Wheelset. Replacing my Deore XT WH-M770.
Thank You Zul Marvelous for a nice deal.

Thomson Elite X4 90mm stem- 0 Degree

Front View of Thomson Stem.

Fizik Gobi XM saddle and Thomson Elite 30.9 x 410mm seatpost.

Hope QR Seat clamp - 34.9

Side View.
The total weight : Unknown. ( to be honest I have no time to bring the bike to the shop)
Thank You for your time. Any comment please feel free to write at the provided section.
Happy riding!
Ride Safely and Intelligently!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

It's Been Quite Sometimes.......

Peace Be Upon all, praise to the Almighty for the strenght given. Well, it has been quite a while since the last entry in NXTeam post. To be honest I was quite busy with work and plus my camera is facing some problems transferring data to the computer has been the main reason for this blog to be updated. By the way, that doesn't stop us from cycling activity. I have been doing solo MTB on road lately due to lots of constraints and commitments which requires thorough monitoring and observation. I bet most of NXTeam members are doing their own activities to keef their fitness level at its best. A salute to the rest of MTB group which continue organizing get together ride either it is MTB on road or Off road. TRM Mtb, Abg. Ramly SP, RedFlag Cycle and few more to be mentioned has been the core in making the scene alive. To all riders who has been actively involve in keeping up with the activities , keep up the good work, time will come for all of us to ride together and show to the public what cycling can do to unite individual with another individual and how unity can be the best reason for us to be proud of regardless of our race, faith, political view and etc. Whatever it is our blood color is the same. The northern chatbox moderated by Zankx of TRM has done its role in making sure everybody are well aware of whats going on, keep up the good work! To those who read this entry, feel free to leave your comment for this posting. I would appreciate it. Lastly ........
"Ride Safely and Intelligently"