Thursday, May 21, 2009

Upgradititis : I've Been Infected

Assalamualaikum, to all mountainbikers and bloggers and visitors, I hope you are not stunned by the post title. To tell you the truth I have nothing to post but yet still want to make sure the blog is active, so this is the result ...... a "syok sendiri" posting. Just want to share with everybody what are the upgrades done to my "gergasi" lately. Please bear in mind that this is NOT a showing off competition. I repeat NOT a showing Off post. If anybody feel that I'm doing so, I would be the first to apologise.
Anyway, the syndrome "Upgradititis" will definitely be the nightmare for any MTBikers, and the most important ... your wallet. I have done few small upgrades just for my satisfactory and thats it. Enough said, lets scroll down the post.

Side view of Gergasi.

Front view

Latest Fork : FOX F100 RL
(Remote Lock)

Hope Floating Saw 160mm Rotor.

Token - Rocket. Wheelset. Replacing my Deore XT WH-M770.
Thank You Zul Marvelous for a nice deal.

Thomson Elite X4 90mm stem- 0 Degree

Front View of Thomson Stem.

Fizik Gobi XM saddle and Thomson Elite 30.9 x 410mm seatpost.

Hope QR Seat clamp - 34.9

Side View.
The total weight : Unknown. ( to be honest I have no time to bring the bike to the shop)
Thank You for your time. Any comment please feel free to write at the provided section.
Happy riding!
Ride Safely and Intelligently!


Mr.Scott's Rider said...

nice blog bro..i link kan with my blog k..salam kenal

Chan NXT said...

Ok Bro, no prob. I will link yours as well. Thanks for visiting, dont hesitate to join our chatbox. Happy Riding!

chedoedooha said...

aik gerek canggih noo.. taktaw pun kata dah tukaq musang putih.. hat lama nun pi tak tang mana dah?? 50% off buleh ka.. uhuhuhuh.. ka dah juai dah... iskh iskh.. kita pun nak upgrade jugak la tayar dalam..heheh

Chan NXT said...

bukan hang kayuh dgn aku Sabtu aritu ka? takkan tak perasan. RS RVL aku tolak kat Yaman. Aku pun nak upgrade tayar dalam heheheh......

chedoedooha said...

kita memula tuh hampir terjangkit dengan upgraditisnostesdos.. pastu tgh malam dapat hidayah(hehe).. kita tak jadi kita angkat gerek baru lg sebijik.. tunggu ride nih..kita nak terebang kut ataih belakang own.

Ex Starians said...

Nice bikes...yeah