Thursday, July 31, 2008

Wang Panjang Episode 2

Hello everybody, On Isra' Mikraj public holiday Wang Panjang has been re-visited by NXTeam and friends. For Chan NXT this ride is the revenge for his bended rotor during previous ride. The presence of about 20 mountainbikers was a sudden shocked indeed and this oppurtunity is taken to make more friends in this arena. Well, nuff' said. Enjoy the picture ya!

Mr. Ron from TRM having a chat with all the riders. He is a crowd puller and that is definite. Thanks Mr. Ron! Giving some tips and advise maybe!

Queuing up for pre-ride photo. Well, there are about 20 riders and for sure the quality wouldn't satisfy some of us.

Another shot of half of the riders

Hah! At last the photographer found the right angle to take an overall shot. Just for us to take note : the camera used is Nikon Coolpix 12. It's not meant for professional photo.

Bang Mat NXT and Cikgu SMKPs

Zaki NXT is showing how the climb should be tackled.

Bang Lan TRM started late but completed the ride ahead of others.

This is the view.......

Hmmm...... couldn't tell the altitude of the location.

First pit stop, everybody seem to be happy but beware technical descending is ahead.

What are you doing Zaki? Hmmm... I can recall the position bro!

Looks smooth but come and try it ! then we can justify.

Ooopss...!!! Slippery platform pedal. Cleats anybody?

Steady, Bang Mat is the Marshal of The Day

That's great! Free durian on the way to the second pit stop. You guys are daring, durians produces gas bro ........ those who tail you wouild be very unfortunate heheheh.......

Chempedak ........ ohhh!!! It's a temptation that nobody can't resist.

Steady bro, I know what's playing in your mind. Trust me, I had the worst experience.

Mr. Ron and Man from TRM. Both are uncatchable when descending.

Man Lorry of NXT, you are our pride bro!
Some have to come down the conventional way. Don't worry , this is not a courage show. If we don't have the confident don't do it or else it would turned out not as expected. This is about enjoying the ride not suffering from it.


Singletrack and flanked by slippery limestone, if I'm not mistaken!

Yes..... Chan and his Black Iron Stallion survived the ride without bended rotor.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

SP Jamboree Jersey

Assalamualaikum and Good Day!
The SP Jamboree website has unveiled the latest picture of their official jamboree jersey. To be honest it's not the goods that we want but the feel of togetherness and overthere it doesn't matter what religion you embrace, what race you are born to, which company do you work for and bla...bla.... the bottom line is We Are Here To Ride!

By the way Congratulation to the comittee for the effort to come up with the jersey. The combination of colours are great and striking regardless of the congested decals at the back . All in all, IT'S GREAT TO BE A CYCLIST! (This represent to both off-roader and roadies)


Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Jamboree Preparation.

ladies and gentlemen, SP Jamboree is just 3 weeks away. Have we check our preparation list. This time around we are going to go through the checklist.
1. You need a specific purpose bicycle.
Hardtail MTBFull Suspension MTB

Tire selection : make sure we use the right set of tire. Don't bring your MTB with the Road tyre,..... You'll die trying.
Fork and shock pressure : Check for the right PSI and pump it the nite before. Do some trial cycling to get the right pressure.
Braking Power : Check your brake pad. If you think adding some mineral oil or DOT 4 please do so. Its gonna be slippery this coming august. No brake means you might end up on the ground.
Drivetrain : Go for a service if necessary. Shifting is important. We don't want any chain hopping while shifting ...... its dangerous.

2. Helmet is always a MUST.
make sure the size fits your head.

3. MTB / Studded Shoe
Attention! Try to avoid flat sole shoe with no grip.
We are talking about Off road not on road

4. Suitable attire
Some prefer cycling jerseys, some others might have some other preferrence. Whatever it is make sure your ride is not affected by it.
a. Jersey
b. Cycling shorts. / padded shorts.
(No picture available )
c. Gloves
(No picture available)

5. Hydration Pack.
We don't want anybody to pass out due to dehydration or starvation.
It can also place mini first aid kit, repairing tools, energy bars, camera, and etc.

6. First aid kit
- this is a must have list. You'll never know what will happen bro. !

7. Repairing Tools
some Allen keys, spanner, cutter, and etc.

8. It is a Jamboree not a Race
- remember not to forget all the thing listed. Jamboree is not about who reaches the finish line first. It is about meeting new friends, sharing new experiences, and etc.

The more you know, the more you know that you don't know.

Ride Safely and Intelligently!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Wang Panjang

It was a rushy morning last Saturday, after confirming with Bang Lan the riding location is Wang Panjang. It was the first time for Chan NXT and some other riders. The ride starts at around 9.00 am. To be honest Wang Panjang is a technical trail plus the weather condition it becomes harder and tougher. Some of the riders are junior riders and hesitation can be seen because we really have to make sure their safety is secured.
Man Lorry seting up his MTB

Four MTB Younglinks - Very strong climber indeed.

Bang Mat leading the way to the top.

Lets go.... lets go......

We have to give way to the motorcyclist. It was first gear all the way bro.....

Nice view ehh...!!!

Water stream at the top of the hill.

A view from the top.

First Wakaf

" Apalagi ..... jom !!! " .... Bang Mat

Clearing mud before descending. Here goes all the skills and bravery.
Who dares will succeed ......

A sight that breaks my heart.... Look at the rotor!!!!

Well, a new rotor will rise...!!!!

Helping hands


Zaki checking the line to be conquered aka to avoid fall.....

Next time you need to wear a proper shoe bro.... badminton shoe is not advisable.

Voilla..... you are there Bro... You are there..!!!

As fast as a travelling bullet....Bang Lan

The juniors with drifting skills.


Single track.

Its descending bro..!!!

Slippery and dangerous! watchout for the barbwire.... Barbwire!!!!

Fuhh...... if u miss the line .... see you down there bro...!!!!

Summary :
Technical and slippery trail. First aid kit is compulsory, killer descending and long climb.
It catches some of the riders heart to come and conquer the trail again.