Monday, July 14, 2008

As a Remembrance

Assalamualaikum and a good day! Well to be honest everbody seems to be occupied with their own agenda and we have to respect that. Heheheh..... same goes with me. It was a month which requires me to move from one place to another just to fulfill the need of the "upperhand". Well enough said......!!! Yesterday morning (Saturday) I was shocked to hear that one of our MTB comrade has succumbed to injury while cycling at Logging Trail Jitra. U can visit Abg Ramly SP's blog for detailed account of the incident . Well..... I did gazed into empty spaces thinking of it, it could have happened to anyone and this time it was cikgu Zul a.k.a Loso. Hope that the spirit will lives on! No matter what! One thing that caught my attention has been raised by Abg Ramly which is SAFETY. Some of us I bet never or couldn't care less about the significant of having a basic medical kit everytime we go for a ride. Accident during cycling have happened before and because there are no precautionary steps taken such as no first aid kit brought have made the unfortunate to bear the pain longer that he or she supposed to get. Think about it my friend. We should start from now....... lets head to the pharmacy and get ourself a first aid kit........ Lets go..!!!!!

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