Thursday, November 29, 2007

Midweek Ride 28 Nov. 2007

Hello! this ride was set in prompt tu. Met zaki the day before at the badminton hall (kangar) and decided to have a ride and I call it "Midweek Ride". After asar at around 4.45pm Zaki arrived and assemble his bike. I was a bit late because i just came back from work. Today we have a new rider, he is my colleague and just beginning to love mountain biking.
Distance : 9.58 km
Track: Ulu Pauh
Time : 5.15pm - 6.00pm

Just a post before the ride......hehehe!!!

We welcome Mr. Syafirol to the ride....all the best bro!

First uphill .....streched and quite steep.

This is what happened when you are too concerned
about how you gonna look in the picture.
Whoooppssss....a daisy...!!!!!!!

A view from the top.

Another view from the top.

I got bitten by mosquitoes while posing for this picture
but, what the heck!!

Then came the downhill..... i've already reminded syafirol
to make sure not to go fast because his stopping
power needs to be upgraded.
It's a long way to go bro!....... You don't know
what lies ahead.

The trail..... dry.....

The trail....... palm oil trees everywhere

Faster bro...!!!!!! i'm ahead though before
this picture was taken.

the trail.....

down we go...... long stretch of dry trail

this is the new trail we found......

A pose after everything was done.....

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Trail Search - Quarry/Unimap

Today, on my way to padang besar I came across this view which catch my attention and fortunately my camera was with me. The trail location is near the Unimap (Universiti Malaysia Perlis) construction site. I decided to take few pictures of it and i did noticed there are motorcycle trail over there. Maybe later this evening I'll explore the place and take more pictures. For the time being just enjoy the view.
Quite an unpleasant view eh!! For nature lover

View of Sugarcane plantation

Motorcycle/Pick up trail.....maybe!!

Open Burning...... No Lah!!

Another view of sugarcane plantation

Potential trail to be conquered

Monday, November 26, 2007

Deepavali Ride 8.11.2007

The ride ......

Abg. Din waiting for something......heheheh!!!
Next project woul be hydro. disc brake!
From Left: Abg. Lan, Cik On, Abg. Lan's Jr., Asri,
Zaki, and abg. Din.
(well! obviously i,m the one taking th picture.)
location: top of the hill
Giving my precious a rest at the top of the hill..


Oh my...!!!! how am I supposed to clear all that...

Abg Lan's Giant XTC

Few other casualties of offroading.....

Bike wash....... Behind my kitchen, Yes!
My wife wasn't aroud though...Hehehe!!!!
(Sorry guys, no riding action pictures....)
The meeting point was at Bang Said M&N restaurant in front of perlis polytechnic.
Zaki, abg. Din and I reached there first because the rest are still cycling from arau towards the meeting point. When they arrived we had a light breakfast and chat. about 8.50am the ride starts and today we decided to use the short route and we took araound 45-50mins to complete the course. It was wet and tiring.

Thank You everybody for making this ride happened and to be honest guys..... I nearly lost my breath before reaching the hill top. The downhill part was quite tricky and frankly....I love it!!!! at least the new XT08 hydro. brake is tested and performed up to it's reputation....thanked to SHIMANO

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Ulu Pauh Saturday Ride

From left : Abg Din, Farhan, zaki

My turn to be in the picture

The begininng of the ride and before the tyre got flat

Farhan and his bike controlling

This is where it happened

Ulu Pauh Trail

Ulu Pauh Trail

Just a snapshot of my bike

Magnified version of the breakdown.

The time showed 8.00am when the phone rang and it was zaki who called. he said he is on the way to the meeting point at Politeknik Tuanku syed Sirajuddin (Poli Perlis). Later after that when i checked the SMS another new rider is on the way and his name is Farhan, a lecturer at UUM.
They started to assemble the front tire and checked the drivetrain setting. The ride began at 8.30+- and the first obstacle appeared just 15 minutes after that when zaki's bike suffered a flat tyre. Abg din then rushed back to my house (Quarters) to take the air pump and tube. It turned up that the tube size is for 1.95 but zaki's panaracer is 2.1. He (Zaki) told us to proceed with the ride as he dont want to be the culprit hahahaha.... of not riding today.

Abg din, Farhan and I continue with the ride and then my stem got loosen and the handlebar revolves. I stopped right away and tighten the nuts and the ride continues..... and we took the wrong route and have to ride back to the starting of the route. Suprisingly zaki managed to fixed the tyre so that it suits well.
Then the first uphill came up, quite tiring though that zaki and me stopped once. Abg din and farhan were up in front and they stopped at the hill's peak for drinks.
We continued after 10 minutes of breath catching activity.
The next stage of the ride is medium(difficulty level) and we managed to discover new trail for the upcoming ride. I would like to welcome farhan to the group.

Friday, November 23, 2007


This is my hearthrob
Specs: Updated 17 April 2008

Frameset: KHS Alite 2k
RD: XT 08
FD: XT 08
BRAKE: XT O8 (Hydraulic)

SHOCK: Rock Shox Revelation 426
SADDLE: Fizik Gobi
PADDLE: X-Tension
GRIP: Hutchinson Scorpio
TIRE: Continental Vapor UST 26x2.1