Thursday, November 29, 2007

Midweek Ride 28 Nov. 2007

Hello! this ride was set in prompt tu. Met zaki the day before at the badminton hall (kangar) and decided to have a ride and I call it "Midweek Ride". After asar at around 4.45pm Zaki arrived and assemble his bike. I was a bit late because i just came back from work. Today we have a new rider, he is my colleague and just beginning to love mountain biking.
Distance : 9.58 km
Track: Ulu Pauh
Time : 5.15pm - 6.00pm

Just a post before the ride......hehehe!!!

We welcome Mr. Syafirol to the ride....all the best bro!

First uphill .....streched and quite steep.

This is what happened when you are too concerned
about how you gonna look in the picture.
Whoooppssss....a daisy...!!!!!!!

A view from the top.

Another view from the top.

I got bitten by mosquitoes while posing for this picture
but, what the heck!!

Then came the downhill..... i've already reminded syafirol
to make sure not to go fast because his stopping
power needs to be upgraded.
It's a long way to go bro!....... You don't know
what lies ahead.

The trail..... dry.....

The trail....... palm oil trees everywhere

Faster bro...!!!!!! i'm ahead though before
this picture was taken.

the trail.....

down we go...... long stretch of dry trail

this is the new trail we found......

A pose after everything was done.....



Nie yang aku jeles nie.. ada kerja kosong kat POLI tak? kalau tidak boleh aku ride sama-sama dgn hang.. tiap-tiap hari tiap-tiap petang pun tak pa...

zankx said...

hehe MK, tu la pasai kami dok kampung! overhead rendah,,, nak pi satu tempat ke satu tempat makan minit sj,,, tak caya hang tanya nizam,,, tak makan jam pun. tak dak keja buleh tanam kacang!