Monday, December 10, 2007

Sunday Ride - Jitra (09.12.2007)

To be frank, i got an sms from mat kedah on saturday night and was a bit unsure whether to join or not. Early in the morning i decided to join and called Mat to wait for me at the meeting point. Actually Mat Kedah (Nick used in BBS) is my junior at the university, we stayed at the same residential college. I was a bit late because i had to buy breakfast for my wife and daughter ( pujuk ler tuh..... hehe!!!) first before heading to jitra. Mat called me few times just to make sure i didn't lost my way......heheheh!!!! when i reached DGCC area i saw both of them waiting at the junction. I then assembled my bike and the journey began...... by the way today's route is only 10% offroad and the rest is tarmac.

making sure nothing is left while Bang Man Jitra looking

Wah...!!! we used the same brand but different model

Merida HFS X-Edition...Nice!

Oh my.....!!!! am i gonna be in trouble

Let's climb bro........!!

Hah... when there's a time there's a photo.....

the road was taken .... -Robert Frost

Hmm..... it's still a long way to go

this is the sequels of the previous photo taken by Mat Kedah

Wow! .... is that sexy or WHAT!

Bang Man leading the race... of course... hehehe!!!!

Taken at the top of hill, nice view.

That's me again with bang man, ..... thanks Mat for
being the photographer of the ride.

The road will be tested.....

Here we go, according to Bang Man, we reached the top speed of 69.8 km/h
Well!!! that's fast.


That's my junior, Mat Kedah and Bang Man
(-ed : thanks Bang man for the tips, and to mat Kedah
it's nice to meet up with you.
Dulu kat Fourth College kita jarang tegur, hang kata hang segan! ye ke!)
Concentrating on the the tips given by Bang Man
-ed : thanks a lot)

Distance : 40++ km
Duration : 2 hours
Start : 8.00am
Finish : 10.00am ++
* actually the cycling duration is less than 2 hours but
due to under certain circumctances we had to stop for 1f minutes.
( "... yang tau, tau lah!.... hehehe!")

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gaweng81 said...

Salam Bro..Nice Blog and Thanks for the Add..hope we can ride together next time, but not on the trail..on the road..hee..hee..