Friday, September 26, 2008

Happy Eid-ul Fitri

It has been nearly a month and Ramadhan is reaching the end. During this fasting month NXT has organized few get together rides and it turned to be quite successful. Thanks and greatest gratitude to those who joined. It was indeed a pleasure to have such a sporting crowd where some event ride from kangar and meet up at Changloon. A salute to them! NXT would like to take this opportunity to ask for forgiveness if our actions, words and etc have caused anger or frustration. We are mere mortals and we do make mistakes. Hopefully after Eid-ul Fitri our activity will continue to run as usual. A Happy hari raya wish to: NXTeam, TRM, Loso, M.Kedah,Redflag Team, GTG Cycling Team, Langkawi 99Bikes, Adi Harriman, Abg Ramly SP, Zieman , Wan XXXtremesport, Canopus, Kelolo and other MTB comrades that I forgot to mention here.

Selamat Hari Raya! Maaf Zahir dan Batin!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Friday Nite Ride - Yasmeen Restaurant

Date : 19 September 2008
Riders : From Ulu Pauh = 5
From Kangar = 9
From Jejawi = 2
Meeting Point : Yasmeen Nasi Kandar Restaurant
Distance : Unknown due to lots of speedometer.
Veyrone and Cik Own
Location : Highway towards Sintok

Zaki NXT still smiling with his newly bought Fox Suspension,

The meeting point at Yasmeen Restaurant, Changloon.

Taking a breather with "Roti canai" in mind.......

5 tables were occupied

Cikgu Man still smiling when talking about Soo Beng's bar end story.

Proof that we are at the right place

Alloy steeds ridden by Malaysian Cowboys. Yea haaaa....!!!!

More steeds....

A successful gathering.

At least this time Cik Own of NXT offered to take Chan's picture.

This time with smile in my face

Bang Mat of NXT
Topic of discussion : Well ....... !!!!

L-R :Bang Lan , Fikri, Veyrone

Eddy of NXT
Topic of Discussion : Musang Berbulu Putih!

After finishing the supper we all start to cabuttt...!!!!

Setting the bike is it?...!!!!

Bang Mat leading the way.

On the way back before the Perlis-Kedah border.


Zan a.k.a Tiung of NXT


Group Photo.

Group Photo.

Group photo.

I like this photo .... Hmmm.....

Tak dapat gambar tuan, gambar gerek pun jadilah!!!
Special thank to all rider from Padang Telela, Jejawi, Utan Aji,Kangar and Bintong. You guys are great. Maybe next time we'll arrange more programmes as such. After Eid-ulfitri most of the ride will be done during daytime and I bet most of us will miss it ( nite Riding).
Selamat menunaikan Ibadah Puasa kepada Semua MTBikers!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Mini Gathering - Perlis MTBikers.

Unplanned Mini Gathering

Distance covered: 32.43 km
Riding Time : 1:25:25 seconds
Maximum Speed : 33.9 km/h
Average Speed : 22.6 km/h
Riders : Altogether 23
Meet Up Location : Kangar (Utan Aji) flyover,
Putra Berasmana Boulevard,
Lizamat Restaurant.

Cik Own setting up his New Tank Pro Race. The F100 RL does match the body.

Clearer view.

Zaki is testing his newly bought F100 RL.
p/s : It's a challenge bro!

Before we start the ride, photo taken by Abg Mat who came and followed Edy to Zakie's Place.

Eddy and his BMC Virus

At the seaside near Kuala Perlis.

Lets' Go : I'm getting cold

Group photo

Another Picture.

At Berasmana, while waiting for Cikgu Fikri & friends.. I did smoke

Eddy's Ride
Cikgu Own's Tank Pro Race


Don't waste time.

Cikgu Lamin ... the last time I met him was in the year 1998.

Cik Own and Cikgu Man

Seen :Zulkiflee aka Loso

The ride continues..........

Thanks Cikgu Fikri for taking my picture.

Welll.... its compulsory to have HER picture in every posting.