Monday, September 8, 2008

DIY: Protecting Downtube

The normal scenario in mountainbiking is scratches, dents and etc. In this posting I (Chan NXT) would like to share with everybody the approach I have taken in order to minimize the damages caused by mud, gravel, sands and other hard particles. It is simple and easy, some may say it looks cheap but hey! What's wrong with it .... its's not harmful. Happy DIY!

Waterproof sticker with carbon fibre design.

1.Plain paper to get the right shape of the downtube
2. Carbon fibre design sticker
3. Cutter
4. Pen
- Use the plain paper and trace the shape and size of the downtube.
-Cut the sticker based on the shape and size marked on the plain paper
-Position the bike upside down
-Carefully stick the sticker on the downtube

Its not too visible

Resident Model with the newly sticked downtube

Close shot of the sticker

Looks nice ....... " I think......."
"Tekun . Usaha . Jaya"

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