Sunday, September 14, 2008

Friday Nite Ride - Changloon

Friday nite again and its Nite Riding Time!
Riders : Chan NXT, Fazlee, Balqis
Date: 10 09.08
ETD: 10:00pm
ETA: 12:15am
Riding Time: 1:31:30 seconds
Distance: 30.25 km
Average Speed: 19.8 km/h
Max. Speed : 38.5 km/h

The " iron horse" awaits the rider
Hmm..... that's Chan NXT steed. Newly Painted Shimano M-565 Wheelset.

Fazlee and Balqis

After reaching Changloon, we decided to stopped at the Anjung Restaurant.
We ordered 2 small buckets of french fries and drinks.
(Look at those exhausted face............)

It's tiome for fazlee to be in the picture.

Not to be forgotten, what brought us all here.

And some more ... bla..bla...bla...!!!

The nite mode is not set, so the results is this not so clear picture.

At the flyover junction to changloon.

Well, this is "the" Hutchinson Python 26X2.0 air light.
Made in France and Absalon used this serie.
Weight: 485 grams per piece.

A bigger view.

The Wheelset for MTB on road only.
Comment :
"The New Hutchinson is a good dual purpose tyre...." Bang Man Bike Shop
As for me, as it has been tested on road I can say that it is a fast rolling tyre. The noise it produced is very minimal. The thread is small and suitable for hard surfaced riding. And maybe in the future it will be brought along for off roading, then I can comment more on this product.
For the time being, I am satisfied with the on road performance.
Thank You for Viewing.
Let Us Dig For Knowledge, and Run Away From Oblivion!

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