Monday, December 31, 2007

Puncak Janing Saturday Ride 29.12.07

Assalamualaikum & Salam sejahtera, kepada Zankx (TRM) saya write this report on your behalf and nanti boleh buat penambahan mana yang patut. Malam Jumaat haritu Zankx called me and i was on the way back to Perlis from Ipoh. I confirmed at first to join the ride but unfortunately that saturday morning all my muscles and joints felt a tremendous pain due to excessive muscular movements. Tapi that morning i went to the meeting point and took few pictures of the team and few guests. The pictures are taken before they started the ride. Can't wait to ride with u guys later in the future bro!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Sunday Ride - Ulu Pauh (16-12-2007)

Hello, today i'm gonna write in malay.... nak cepat!!!
Hari sabtu, saya confirmkan dgn Zaki & Cik On and diorang kata ..."ON" so saya pun buat setting basikal malam and ada sikit bunyi kat rantai but I ignore it. Early In the morning the weather was quite cloudy and gloomy....dlm hati kata "...kalau hujan renyai-renyai pun hari ni aku tetap nak kayuh..." ntah kenapa i was so excited to ride today. Zaki came at around 8am, waktu tu me & Syafirol were at Bang Said's Makan Place. Later, CIk On pun sampai and we had some refreshments before the ride. Trail harini adalah trail routine kami sejak start meneroka bukit Ulu Pauh.

Well, tangkap gambar dulu sblm start kayuh.....

Waktu kat atas bukit, this is Cik On's bike.
He was the first to reach the peak...Org kuat nih!

The last to reach the top.....Mr. Syafirol
(..ed: Its okay Bro! Next time)

Mcm biasa...say ..." ..cheeeseee...!!!"

Waktu downhill, I set my camera yang
dpt snap hanyalah baju Cik On..... sepantas kilat woooo..!!!

My chain snap while struggling to climb.....
Thank God, nothing serious happened

Trying to figure out how to solve the

Hmmm....trial & Error is the best choice....

the trail........



Hmmm.... tersengih Mat Kie nih!

tanggung basikal ?...... bukan kayuh ke!

Tolak lagi....!!!!

Lompat pagar and angkat basikal........

As a conclusion, the ride was fun and challenging chain snapped, i had to wlak the bike back to quarters and luckily the trail is full of blh curi speed and time. We had to use the alternative escape route to get to Poly that's why ada yang panjat pagar tuh!
Distance : 10km
Time : 1 hour 15min
Later that afternoon i brought my family to Alor Star, and before heading back to Perlis i stopped at Soo Beng's shop and met Mat Kedah there.... had a little chat and I bought the new chain and chain cutter.... dak kena baru gelabah!!!!! hehehehe...... Sebelum gerak balik jumpa dgm Mr. Man and family, dia ni ahli TRM (Zankx) dan kerja kat MPK. Maybe boleh ride suatu hari nanti. Sekian utk minggu ini.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Sunday Ride - Jitra (09.12.2007)

To be frank, i got an sms from mat kedah on saturday night and was a bit unsure whether to join or not. Early in the morning i decided to join and called Mat to wait for me at the meeting point. Actually Mat Kedah (Nick used in BBS) is my junior at the university, we stayed at the same residential college. I was a bit late because i had to buy breakfast for my wife and daughter ( pujuk ler tuh..... hehe!!!) first before heading to jitra. Mat called me few times just to make sure i didn't lost my way......heheheh!!!! when i reached DGCC area i saw both of them waiting at the junction. I then assembled my bike and the journey began...... by the way today's route is only 10% offroad and the rest is tarmac.

making sure nothing is left while Bang Man Jitra looking

Wah...!!! we used the same brand but different model

Merida HFS X-Edition...Nice!

Oh my.....!!!! am i gonna be in trouble

Let's climb bro........!!

Hah... when there's a time there's a photo.....

the road was taken .... -Robert Frost

Hmm..... it's still a long way to go

this is the sequels of the previous photo taken by Mat Kedah

Wow! .... is that sexy or WHAT!

Bang Man leading the race... of course... hehehe!!!!

Taken at the top of hill, nice view.

That's me again with bang man, ..... thanks Mat for
being the photographer of the ride.

The road will be tested.....

Here we go, according to Bang Man, we reached the top speed of 69.8 km/h
Well!!! that's fast.


That's my junior, Mat Kedah and Bang Man
(-ed : thanks Bang man for the tips, and to mat Kedah
it's nice to meet up with you.
Dulu kat Fourth College kita jarang tegur, hang kata hang segan! ye ke!)
Concentrating on the the tips given by Bang Man
-ed : thanks a lot)

Distance : 40++ km
Duration : 2 hours
Start : 8.00am
Finish : 10.00am ++
* actually the cycling duration is less than 2 hours but
due to under certain circumctances we had to stop for 1f minutes.
( "... yang tau, tau lah!.... hehehe!")