Monday, November 26, 2007

Deepavali Ride 8.11.2007

The ride ......

Abg. Din waiting for something......heheheh!!!
Next project woul be hydro. disc brake!
From Left: Abg. Lan, Cik On, Abg. Lan's Jr., Asri,
Zaki, and abg. Din.
(well! obviously i,m the one taking th picture.)
location: top of the hill
Giving my precious a rest at the top of the hill..


Oh my...!!!! how am I supposed to clear all that...

Abg Lan's Giant XTC

Few other casualties of offroading.....

Bike wash....... Behind my kitchen, Yes!
My wife wasn't aroud though...Hehehe!!!!
(Sorry guys, no riding action pictures....)
The meeting point was at Bang Said M&N restaurant in front of perlis polytechnic.
Zaki, abg. Din and I reached there first because the rest are still cycling from arau towards the meeting point. When they arrived we had a light breakfast and chat. about 8.50am the ride starts and today we decided to use the short route and we took araound 45-50mins to complete the course. It was wet and tiring.

Thank You everybody for making this ride happened and to be honest guys..... I nearly lost my breath before reaching the hill top. The downhill part was quite tricky and frankly....I love it!!!! at least the new XT08 hydro. brake is tested and performed up to it's reputation....thanked to SHIMANO

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