Monday, March 10, 2008

Election Day Ride - Wang Perah (08.03.08)

Election Day! well we take the chance to go for a ride at Wang Perah before going to the election centre and vote. 6 of usmet at Changloon's food stall and had some coffee. The ride starts at around 9:00 am.

L-R : Zan@ Tiung, Eddy, Anuar, Zaki & Jie.

It was already sunny at 9.15am. We expect to go through dusty trail.

The trail that will be used for the UUM Jamboree on the 15th. of Mac

Climbing track

Taking a breath for a while..... actually they had to stop because i was far behind ... hheheheheh...!!!!!

Jie always shy in the picture.

4x4 tracks can be seen all along the ride

The climbing was quite steer and slippery.

The ride continues......

Eddy, ...... that was close!@

Zaki & Zan a.k.a tiung crossing the small stream

Look at zaki's facial expression.... Dummy eh!!

Well, breakdown is normal, this time around jie's SARS snapped the chain. I was suprise to see Shimano HG 73 is used to an 8 speed cassete. That's the reason why the chain besome so vulnerable.
Rocky track.

While waiting I snapped a picture of my ride!!!
Well... there is change for the wheelset. Welcome .... WH-M775

Full of concentration

At the waterfall site.

Look how steep the the track can be, well at this point we decided to just hike rather than ride.

Parking the bike at the strategic place.

Wang Perah waterfall.

Wang Perah waterfall.

Haha..... that's me !!

On our way back, well this is after the downhill part.

Jie crossing the stream.

Jie again.
It was hot and dry morning. We reached the parking lot at around 12:00pm and I had to rush to Kangar and collect my new WH-M775. Banyak pacat!!!! but it was a good ride indeed.

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