Sunday, November 30, 2008

Bukit Kodiang

At the roti canai stall. Location : Pauh

Manage to sit together with another rider. He (middle) is more to MTB on road.

The ride begins ......

Ascends ....... more are waiting ahead!

Couple of snaps before the ride continues .....

Veyrone and Balqis.

Up .... up ...... and lets push the bike!

Nice scenenery. Wasn't sure the altitude but what i can say is just
it is above most of the hills.

This reminds me of an Old School "rock kapak" band pin-up poster.

The track is wide enough for necessary overtaking and obstacle avoiding.

Cik On ....... "there are few more climbs ahead ....."
Chan ..... " Really ....... waaaa!!! ..."

Hmm .... Loose gravel, really need to be skillful to pass this part.

I reached the pre-peak location first. Hehehe...

Hazy still, the weather was on our side that day.
Ck. Own with the well known approach. MTB = Mari Tolak Basikal
Veyrone still struggling to succeed the climb. Well done!

Bang Mat ... " nice and challenging trail ..... a sure comeback ..."

Flag of Glory. We made it!

Bg Mat helping Veyrone who did a noble job of acknowledging
fellow riders about broken tree branch and he accidently plunged
himself while doing that.

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