Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Silaturrahim Ride - Thanks! to everybody.

As early as 7:45am few riders are seen at Ulu Pauh area. The objective is crystal clear which are to ride the Ulu Pauh - Bukit Rawa Trail and secondly to get to know each other closely. The rolling time was extended from the planned time which was at 8:15am to 9:00am and this is due to some riders who got lost while getting to the meeting point. Praise to Allah The Almighty that everything went well.
Details are as follows:
Riders : 51
Distance : 29km (according to Adie Harriman)
Start : 9:00am
Complete : 1:00pm
(Enjoy The photo taken during the event)
Getting ready to roll

Mejar Syukri and Bg. Man Merida setting their bikes ready.

Bang Man Jitra with the Merida HFS frame

Achik (

Lontruth preparing for WAR!!

Ismail, Cikgu Man and Ee Bintong.
Mael's blog add :

Redflag's Team Member

Patiently waiting for the lost riders

Bang Lee and his Family.
(ed: Thanks! for being here for the ride)

NXTeam preparing their ride.
The maroon Merida belongs to Mat Kedah.

Waiting without any hesitation.

Briefing time ....bla..bla!...bla!....
Seen in the picture is LonTruth and Mael

Hmm ....the guy in orange is ......... Mat Kedah.

Jonz couldn't wait for some actions.

Mat Kedah ..... Celebrity Blogger.

This is the bike that caused the rider to be called LonTruth.

Lost and Found .... !!!!!???

First climb.

Breakdown, this reminded me of SPMTB Jamboree
My chain snapped al of a sudden and there goes all my preps.

"....Di persimpangan Dilemma. "

Bang Man Magistrate and Jonz.
Jonz .." ....hang suruh aku tgk brake bukan tarik brake, tu yang loncat sampai terbabas.

Black, Thanks!, for being there all the way.

Giving some strenght to his son.

It's a norm in order to get a good DH we must sacrifice
the joy of riding.

Nice View

Chan NXT

The weather was on our side today.Alhamdulillah!

Mat Piah ...."nice shirt/jersey bro:"

Cikgu Fikri of Perlis MTB

let's push to the top

Hmm..... " lotih den arini ...."
(ed.: its okay Lon, this is not a race. Follow your own pace)

Helmi and Faizal Seagate.

The Cry of Victory!
Cikgu Mawardi - next time make sure to bring enough fluid.

It's time to go back to the real world.
The ride can be considered as successful. 51 riders are a scary turned up for NXTeam but we tried our best to fulfill what is required in order to achieve satisfaction. Alhamdulillah there were no major mishap and injuries except for chan NXT who misjudge the pavement before the ride which lead to mini summersault and Mat Kedah slipped while crossing the drain and don't worry ...."His bike is okay, escaped unharm..."
Highest gratitude to riders from Bintong, Perlis MTB, GTG, Bang Lee & Family, Mat Kedah, Adie Harriman, Redflag, Soo Beng MTBers, Jitra, Changloon and etc for making this ride happened. To Abg Ron, thanks for the support during the trail maintenance and we understand your situation for not turning up and to NXTeam thank you for the commitment, this is a proof that nothing is impossible, when there's a will - ther's a way.
Let Us Get United - together we as One.

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