Monday, April 12, 2010

CP3 - Nite Offroad

Nite Offroad - Check Point 3 Kedah Jamboree Trail.

It all started with just few SMS and Alhamdulillah 24 riders turned up for this mini gathering. I can say that the objective remains the same which is to gather riders and get the networking done. Teams involved are Redflag, Gedung MTB, Gerek Baru, KBS Team, and individual like Achong and etc. Other than experiencing nite offroad, this gathering is as well become the training ground for the upcoming Kayuhan Terang Malam early next month. It is indeed a very useful experience where the feel is totally different compared to riding during daytime. One thing for sure, riding in the darkness of the night required FULL concentration especially during rocky and gnarly sections. Speed is not a matter of discussion anymore but CONTROL is the key area. I had some problems with the phone camera so didn't manage to snap any quality pictures. All the pictures are courtesy of Pudin TTG, Boo Rider and Lont Truth. Enjoy ..................

Riders Meeting Point - REDFLAG BikeShop, Jitra.

Man a.k.a Suntonic couldn't wait to start ...

Jom.......... Man shouted!! Tiung and his cute post ...

The Backbone - Lon Truth
(ed - The spinergy is awesome bro! )

While waiting ........

Veyrone and Man Suntonic

Picket Fence !!!

Thank God the chain snapped, at least I can take a breather .....

Achong Tedung from Changloon

Art IKBN - Now a regular nite rider.

Summary :
For nite offroad - please consider

i. Good Source of lighting equipment
ii. Speeding when necessary
iii. Never leave your friend behind
iv. frequent short regrouping
v. HELMET is a must!

Enjoy your ride ........................

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