Friday, January 11, 2008

Bukit Kayu Hitam Leisure Ride (10.01.08)

Bukit Kayu Hitam Leisure Ride ( 1 Muharram 1429)
First of all I would like to wish all Muslim "Happy New Year". Today the plan is to ride steadily and casually. There is no time limit and rush. That's why it's called leisure ride. Before the ride, Cik On have informed me that the trail is categorized as normal cross-country track and I put a smile in the face because normally the speed for this kind of trail is fast. Well, it doesn't matter as long as I sweat and have the chance to breathe fresh air along the track. I would also take this chance to congraatulate Farhan for having a new member in the family and a welcoming wish to Cikgu Non from SMKRPMTF to the ride.
Meeting point, Kedai Abg. Said. Seen in the picture are
farhan, Bang Lan, Cikgu Non and Bang Lan's Junior.

Regular face of northern X-trailers ride, Zaki who is a bit shy while
this picture is taken.

Cikgu Non leading the way with Bang Lan,
"...kami kayuh depan la noo.."
A son always follow the father.... Bang Lan's junior
"...susah berenggang depa dua nih!......"

The strongest always starts last.
Cik On and Farhan

Reaching the Perlis/Kedah border. Near Felda Laka Selatan.

The beginning of the trail is tarmac based surface.

Thai and Malay settlement area.

On the way to the Immigration Complex

Enjoying some drinks at the border. Cikgu Non has lots of interesting stories
to tell. Thanks Cikgu, we appreciate it.

Getting ready to head back to Perlis

Dry trail covered almost 98% of the track.

Steady Cikgu Non!

Puddle of Mud

The sun is nearly on top of our head at this time.

From the shadow we can estimate the time.

A shot of the farm

Cikgu Non said "...... motivation is the key....."

In the rubber estate, not so hot though.

Easy Riding.......

Yea Haaa....!!!!!!

"....Panas woo....!!!!"

the time is 12.15pm

"...Let's go Bro. "

"...dont worry, it's not a competition"
It was an exciting and relaxing ride. Not too extreme and suitable for all walks of life.
Thanks to Everybody who joined and maybe we will organised a longer trip in the near future.
Distance : 34 km
Rider : 7 : Zaki, Cik On, Bang Lan, Cikgu Non,
Bang Lan's Junior, Farhan and Me

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