Sunday, August 31, 2008

A Day trip to Hatyai

Hello, today (30.08.08) I have decided to go to Hat Yai with the intention to grab MTB frame as a replacement for my KHS Alite 2000. NXTeam in the mean time are riding at Ulu Pauh trail. I was unlucky at SP Jamboree and have to suffer the consequance of not riding for almost 3 weeks. It was a big blow because normally Saturday or Sunday will be my riding day. Something has to be done......... my beloved wife has agreed to accompany me.

At the Bukit Kayu Hitam immigration complex waiting for my turn to come

A Toyota Unser from Malacca has been spotted

After negotiating with the "Prebet Sapu" my wife and me then have to queu up at the Thailand immigration booth for boarder pass authorisation

Ahead is the junction to Padang Besar

This is our driver for today's trip. His name is is Sakorn, a great and very helpful guy.

At the traffic light after Sadao we can see that Malaysian vehicles are dominating the Thai Highways.

This is called a Minibus ....... Errr!!!! Hmm... according to Sakorn.

The whole family are at the back, quite dangerous actually. Well for sure it is rare to see this in malaysian soil.

We used the shortcut route and unfortunately its convocation day at HatYai University and we can see people selling teddy bears by the roadside.

Hat Yai University main gate

At Hat Yai Nai. Nai means = dalam

This is my beloved wife at Somchai's HatYai MTB shop

Taking a picture before deciding what frameset to grab.



This is what I brought back from Hat Yai


Giant XTCteam with Emboissed logo.
Seatpost: Amoeba Vitra 30.9 CNC forged.

A common decal for XTC frameset

Engraved GIANT logo

The name that distinguish the series of XTC

XTC decal at the chainstay.

Side view of my new XTC

Model:XTC Team EMBO
Material:6013 Super Light Aluminum Alloy
Weight:1503g(Size S)

Original producing area:Taiwan

· Supersize ALUXX SL Aluminum construction
· Size: 17(S)
Bottom bracket 68mm,english thread.
· Front derailleur model: Top pull,34.9mm
· Use 30.9mm seatpost,one 30.9mm-27.2mm convert ring included
· Compatible with V-Brake and Disc Brake.
· Seatpost Clamp included.
· Sealed bearing headset included
· Net Weight:1503g (not included bolts/seatpost caliper/derailleur pothook ),
P.S = So sorry for the wrong info given about this frame earlier on. Discovery was made last minute regarding the origin of this frame.


Wann 9W2XW said...

PergHh,,ini baru betui betui Ho Liaww..tak sabag nk tunggu tengok aksi kt BM Mountaincross..jgn tak mai sudahhh...

AD Warp said...

yang patah rd hanger Jer..terus beli frame baru...ini kalau tayar pancit terus tukar paki wheelset XTR nie..

heero yui said...

nice ride yer kat hatyai tuh ramai tul geng utara ride kat sana yer..bring back new nice frame also

Anonymous said...

Bro..that is a good frame. How much you bought in thailand?

Anonymous said...

To anonymous:
I got it for RM900 , in baht 9000.