Saturday, August 9, 2008

Ulu Pauh Relax Ride

It was Saturday morning and the location for today's ride is Ulu Pauh. T riders turned up, 5 are from NXTeam. We managed to recce new route and the total distance is 18km plus minus. The class climb is Ayaq Katoq ascend.
Abang Fadzil KWSP with the conventional approach.

Bang Mat as usual, POWER!! and it's RAW!!!

Zan NXT, after 4 weeks breaks.

Hmmm.... Chan NXT

Before the last climb, taking a breather.

Anuar and Zan with grin in their face.

Edy NXT and his POWER stick.

" Hmmm...... XTC Team has been in my dream for quite sometime!"

Let's go.....!!!

Eddy's Ride, wheelset WH-M776 all mountain wheel.

Waiting for Bang Mat doing his loop, he did more loops than all of us.

There he is.......

Bang Mat.... "XTC....XTC...."

Power Stick Anybody?
Ed: Sorry Edy for the late update.!

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