Saturday, October 25, 2008

Kayuhan Ulu Pauh (Sunday Ride)

Pictures courtesy of Abg. Ron and Nazri PNB.
As usual the meeting location is M&M Restaurant.

Happy faces!! NXT, Beseri Bikers, Cikgu Fikri

Trail confirmation.

Are we ready to roll?

As a remembrance.

Nazri (far left) Tiung and Edy of NXT.

Is it gonna be a mudfest?!?

singletrack with medium difficulty.

First pit.

Rubber plantation.

Waiting for the rest to check.

The ride continues!

Second climb low steepness but long range of distance.

Secon pit, from here we can witness the Polytech compound.

Tuanku Syed Sirajuddin Polytechnic.

Long downhill ..... layannn...!!

Before the Ayaq Katoq.

Ayaq katoq, the water level is tempting, due to heavy downpour the day before.

Balqis of Beseri Bikers.

Riders :
NXTeam, Beseri Bikers, Abg Ron & Son, Cikgu Fikri, Abg Jamal & Son.
Distance : Approximately 19+- km

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