Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Unfortunate Event for Edy of NXT

Narration by Chan of NXT :
Yesterday while getting asleep in the management meetin I received a message from Bang Mat (NXT) saying that Edy got involved with an accident while descending from Wang Angin. It was indeed a shocking news and my heart starts to tremble. Later in the afternoon I rang Cik Own and asked him whether he is free to pay a visit at the hospital. I grabbed an issue of MBUK magazine thinking that Edy might be dead boring over there in the ward. Alhamdulillah he seems to be okay! I mean looks ok! He is still waiting for the x-ray result and was asked to fast. Well! Get well soon brother! and be strong.......
Edy ..... still with smile in his face.

we can notice the dislocation joint. but the broken part can't be seen.

Happy with the MBUK i brought for him, well after this you can tell us each and every details of the mags content.
All of us are wishing you to get well ASAP! couln't wait to see you back on the BMC again.

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stay cool... get well soon and rock again