Saturday, January 31, 2009

I Ride For Palestine

Ride for Palestine and Humanity.
The event organized by Putra Palace took place on the 31st of January. The meeting point was at the hotel's Boulevard. Some riders rode, some drove to the location but its a good sign that we are willing to sacrifice our time and give commitment to this sort of charity activities.
The flagging of was done by YBM Datuk Seri Diraja Syed Razlan Jamalullail at approximately 09:10am and the ride continues.........
Early riders taking the oppurtunity to have a chat with their fellow friends.

Cikgu Fikri and friends

Cikgu Man and Cikgu anuar NXT

Annas and Jonz

Registration Counter

ASP Safuan registered but unfortunately he was on duty untill early morning so he decided just to come for the shirt.

Riders from all over the state of Perlis

Energy and health drinks were supplied before the event.
Bird's Nest Juice taste GOOD though.

Haji Shuib of TRM

Brass Band performed before the flag off.

Jonz and the energy drink esp. for "MAN"

On the way to Jalan Padang Behor.

Regrouping at the SMK Syed Alwi crossroad.

Patiently waiting for riders who are still far behind

Still waiting ...................

This was taken by Cikgu Fikri .... Thanks!

All rider are encouraged to put down their signature as a support
to the " Safe Gaza " campaign.

A chance that I wouldn't miss.

Energy Coffee provided by HPA industries.

Morning Tea prepared by Putra Palace.

Total collection RM 2088.25 cents.

Zaki and Chan of NXTeam Ride

Mock Check presentation to the representative from NSTP.
The program ended at around 11:00am and everybod seems happy with what they have contributed. Keep Up the good work PUTRA PALACE!

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