Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Kayuhan Mesra 2009

Assalamualaikum and good day! Kayuhan mesra has successfully done its objective and the event turned out good and enjoyable. Tha flag off was at 07:45am and I witnessed some riders are getting cold waiting for the start coz' on paper it is supposed to be at 07:00am sharp. Anyway there are reasons behind it, and definitely its about safety. I'm sorry the starting moment was done without any pictures due to my own negligence ..... it ran out of power. After the flag off, I detoured from the route and dropped by a grocery shop and bought a pair of AA battery. After that I have to struggle and lift my pace so that I can catch the group ( I mean the last group ... hehehe...)
First Stop, taking a breath at the hut in the rubber orchard.

Those who were overtaken by me ....... heheheh!!!

Jumped on LonTruth helping his employee changing the tube. Parts and Parcels of riding......

Together with Comelfz @ Faizal. They have a second agenda which is to ride straight to Puncak Janing. Well done!

Rubber Orchard

Bukit Lenguh ....... you can judge by the facial expression.
(Picture : K-Raitt MTB club from Taiping)

Luckily there is 100 Plus.

MX riders are occupied by the organizer.

Nice eh!


Short break with fellow riders.

Mari Tolak Basikal ..... In fact I did the same thing. LOL!!!!

Speeding area.

Short climb.

Lucky Draw ....... I am never lucky at this.
A good trail, can be ridden by all levels. For rider like me, I have to bear the scorching sun ..... Semput beb! Thanks to all involved.

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