Monday, May 3, 2010

Kayuhan Terang Malam - Adventure In Pitch Black.

Kayuhan Terang Malam (KTM 2010) was the first night off road jamboree in the Northern Region. It was indeed an event awaited by many. There are riders who really trained for this particular event including me and my other mates. The experience gained during the previous two rides at CP 3 kedah Jamboree Trail and B Zone of RUN 10 trail has somehow give us the idea on how it's going to be on the event day (KTM 10). The journey to Kulim begins at 3.00pm and 6 NXT members managed to join and ride.

Gurun RnR. Regrouping

Chan , Tiung and Ee Bintong

Hairi of Bintong MTB

Location : Goodies Collection centre.

Bike prep. (Pics. courtesy of )

Starting point

Man @ Man SunQuick

Team Potrait : (L-R) Man, Tiung, Veron, CK Own, and Khairul

NXTeam In action - Picture Courtesy of




After the event.

It was muddy and sandy, this is due to a heavy downpour 4 hours before the flag off. Well, this is what we call offroad right!

Bike wash! Bike Wash! Bike Wash!

Summary :

Except for the wet terrain the rest is all right. Looking forward to come back and explore the trail again. The climb is medium and suitable for night off road. The LEDs is a bit small but still visible. The downhills is a bit technical because the trail is wet and slippery (ed: Good training for balancing). Water station at every checkpoints and banana at the 4th CP saves a lot of thirsty riders.
Moto X riders can be seen at the strategic location o guide the participants

Starting and finishing location is good, lots of parking spaces and there are place to hide out if the rain comes falling again.

CONGRATULATION! to the organising Comittee.

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