Monday, August 3, 2009

Kedah Jamboree ( 1st August 2009 )

It was Saturday morning and the day for Kedah Jamboree. NXTeam has decided to meet up at the starting point area / parking area at Tasik Darulaman. The weather looks alright and I hope it doesn't rain. Riders from various clubs and states were seen at the site and I believe the ride will be a good one.
Abang Ron (513)

Team Picture NXTeam + Redflag + Aik Huat + Perlis MTB

Riders from all over Malaysia


"Trek Balak - memang berbaloi ......."

Long and wide trail........ it seems neverending......

CP2 - lots of fluid and isotonik drinks. Thanks organizer for putting a lot of it to my bag.

Lon Truth - a busy man indeed.

Down hill .................... here I come.

Tok Megat - Nice bike eh! Corratec with integrated seatpost.
First of all Congaratulation to the organizer for the event, comments can come in many forms but for me it was a good one. Thumb up to adi, lont, comelfz, and the rest of the working committee ....... a job well done for a beginner. The trail was a killer ....... the logging trail is like a trap and it is a suicidal ground for those who weren't fit ( I was talking about myself). It is a sunny day and the trail was dried but the width of the track is a relief, there are many place to port yourself incase of any misjudgement of speed and maneuvre problems. The climbs, the downhills and etc is part and parcel of MTBing so ....... the more you climb the higher you will get and the longer downhilling experience. Congratulation again to the riders + Organizer+sponsor of KEDAH JAMBOREE!!
Hip! Hip! Hooray!!!

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