Sunday, December 13, 2009

Nocturnal Off road : Ladang Tebu 15 Dec. 2009

Nocturnal Ride : Sugar Cane Plantation
Trail Location : Sugar Cane Plantation, Chuping.
Date : 15 December 2009 ( Tuesday)
Time : 8.30 pm
Meeting Point : Politeknik Tuanku Syed Sirajuddin, Ulu Pauh.
Distance : 25 km
Trail Info : 30 % Tarmac 70% Off road
Contact : Chan NXT @ Nizam - 012-665 3817
Important Reminder : Lighting , helmet, hydration, and spares
is compulsory.
p.s :- to get the idea on how the trail looks like plase click on this link
:- Please call the contact person or leave your message at the comment
column for headcount.


chedoedooha said...

lampu ikat pakai salotape atau masking tape atau gaffer. sbb nanti bergegaq, jalan dia lobang2 dan tak rata pakai cateye pun akan jatuh jugak. berbeza dgn kayuh road. nanti duk kalut ngan lampu buleh tertomoih.

Chan NXT said...

Thanks bro for the reminder. Everything will be noted.