Sunday, December 6, 2009

Visit From Taratao Bikers - Thailand

Early in the morning at about 7.30am most riders are prepared to start the occassion. Thanks to Haji Yusof, Sham Custom, Doha for bringing along their their 4 wheeler to transport rider's bike to Wang Kelian. Today's guest will be Taratao Bikers from our neighbouring land of White Elephant - Thailand. Sawadikap!
Before reaching the meeting place, we stopped at the stall for light breakfast. Seen in the picture is Pak Non aka Aphicat and Pak Long.

Azhar of NXT is sharing some jokes with the ever happy Pak Non.

This is how to stuff 7 bikes on the pick up .

On the way to Beautiful View "Pemandangan Indah"

The riders from Taratao arrived earlier than they are supposed to. By the way, salute for being there on time.

Tiong and Edy of NXT and on the right is Abg. Bidi, the experience trail master and he is now using disc brakes and new frameset. Welcome to the world of Hydraulics!

Local Riders


Darn! Closed eyes .......

Pemandangan Indah, the first pit stop.

Stopping by at Sam's Bike Shop at Kaki Bukit.

Regrouping before heading to Bukit Ayer.
Bintong Riders.

Thanks to YB Ismail Kassim for the food.

Bukit Ayer, Perlis.

Hmm ....... Two "Giant" makig their photo appearance.

In front of Dewan Warisan - Kangar

Dooha giving some money for his GF back in thailand . GF= Gary Fischer.
Somebody is coming with a new bike next week ....... better watch out all!
Thats A Wrap! Thanks for viewing folks!

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chedoedooha said...

Rider dari satun best.. depa nih ramai yang dah 5+,6+ umur. taktaw la nanti umur tu masih kayuh ka dak.. uikh apa nih bang chan bocor rahsia awai berkenaan gf ni.. bukan apa payah la nanti harun taw.heheh.
tq to organizer. ada masa kita buat lg.